There are two options for manually creating Transaction Tickets in the TankLogix Portal.

  1. The first is using the UI form on the Ticket Management web page.
  2. The second way is to upload a .CSV ticket file directly to the TankLogix Portal.

This post will discuss the second option – uploading a .CSV file you have prepared on your personal device to the TankLogix Portal. Four document links will help you in this:

  • A CSV File Upload specs document detailing exactly how the file should be crafted.
  • A sample .XLSX file you may use to import into Excel, Google Sheets, etc. to be your starter template
  • A sample .CSV file that is also downloadable as a model of what the CSV file should look like when you upload in the Portal. You will find a sample screenshot inside the CSV File Upload specs doc that will show you what the CSV file should look like when you open it in a text editor. Sometimes, for example when saving a .xlsx to a .csv file, you may have some blank rows in your .xlsx file and the end, rows that you don’t realize are there. They are hard to see or detect in the .xlsx file. They will be readily visible in the .csv file because you’ll see the comma placeholders:  ,,,,, where there is no data in the row. The .csv is an exacting file, but well worth the final text-editor checks to save you time in the long run.
  • A Web User Guide – the Portal page you can use to actually upload your .CSV file.

The following documents will guide you in your preparation:

CSV File Upload Specs: TankLogix Manual Transaction Ticket Specs

Sample .xlsx file: TankLogixModelUpload

Sample .CSV fileTankLogixModelUpload

Web Page User Guide: TankLogix User Guide – Manual Ticket Uploads

Should you need assistance, please contact us via email at and supply your contact information. We’ll get back with you!